Frequently Asked Questions

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How does your guarantee work?
Simple. If you’re not satisfied by the time you complete your second full week of ManUP, then email us at and we’ll refund your first (and only) month’s payment. We’d love to hear why you’re dropping us, like a prom date with halitosis, but if you don’t want to tell us, that’s cool, too.

How can I be sure that ManUP™ will work for me?
What, you don’t trust us, a perfectly believable website? It's already worked for guys like you. Whether you’re in your twenties or you are 70 years young, ManUP™ delivers results. The program was designed from two key pieces of research: 1) learning what worked for over 10,000 individuals who lost on average 70 pounds; and 2) from over 25 years of metabolism research done by MD and PhD scientists. Try it for two weeks. If you’re not satisfied we’ll refund your money, no strings attached.

How long does the ManUP™ program last?
As long as you want it to last. Our intent is to stay with you until you achieve a flexible metabolism and you’re confident in your new habits.

What happens once I sign up?
Step one, pat yourself on the back (well, go on, do it!). You just made the most important investment of your life. Step two, the onboarding process where we’ll learn about you and personalize the program to your needs. Step three, you’ll either get started on your own, if you’re in the DIY program, or you’ll familiarize yourself with the program while waiting to your Coach.

Do I need to buy any special products, foods, etc?
Nope. ManUP™ does not sell any pre-made meals, supplements, meal replacements, or exercise equipment that can be purchased on infomercials at three in the morning, when most people are watching TV and looking to start a new health regimen. All the physical activities we recommend can be done on your own, and the foods we recommend are available at your local grocery store and in many restaurants.

What are the “high octane” fuels that I’ll consume while on ManUP™?
These are great tasting whole grains, proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats designed to help you gain energy and burn fat, structured in a way that keeps you feeling full.

Do I need to give up the foods I love?
Absolutely not. Our goal, from a nutritional perspective, is to help you learn and practice fuel habits that will keep your energy levels high and help your body burn stored fat. That doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the foods you love- like pizza, beers, and cake. It just means that you'll learn to enjoy these not-so-clean-burning fuels at recovery meals, which you'll have a few times a week.

How can I be sure that I won’t get hungry or lose muscle mass while on ManUP™?
Great question. First off, ManUP™ is not a diet. No one’s suggesting you stock the fridge with grapefruit only and turn your man cave into a yoga studio. Many diet programs focus on eating less, which forces your body to break down muscle to use as an energy source. This tricks people into thinking they are losing the right kind of weight, when really they have the same amount of fat, but less muscle. With ManUP™ we stress protein and the right carbohydrates while increasing your physical activity to help protect and build muscle. The best part is most ManUP™ members report they do not get hungry. However, ManUP™ is not responsible if you get sexier using our program.

Who are the ManUP™ coaches?
Our coaching staff comes from all walks of life. This includes physicians, PhD researchers, registered dietitians, certified personal trainers, licensed behaviorists, and certified health coaches, but the common thread between all of our coaches is that they are dedicated to helping others succeed. These are folks that have a passion for mindset, activity, and nutrition coaching. And not only are they rigorously trained in the core tenets of ManUP™, but they themselves have gone through the program and continue to live its principles.

What if I don’t like my ManUP™ Coach?
We will pack up all his crap and throw it in the parking lot. Then we’ll get you another one. If you’re not man enough to tell your Coach to his (virtual) face that he’s fired, no problem. Send an email to and say you want a different Coach. Give us a little more information regarding the type of Coach you’re looking for and we’ll find a better match. Sorry, this only applies to our coaches. We can’t find you a different partner if things aren’t working out on that front.

Why is the program called ManUP™?
We wanted a name that spoke to our program's focus on mindset, activity, and nutrition. That led us to "MAN". But after we bandied about names such as “Manimal” and “Man Versus Belly”, which just didn't feel right, we talked to men – hundreds of men, and even a few women. Guys told us they wanted a program that was just for them – not something their mom, wife or sister had used. They wanted something to help them operate at their peak performance and achieve their potential, not give them six pack abs, or even that thing bodybuilders do when they can flex their pectoral muscles rapidly. This struck a chord with us because we're firm believers that when you build positive mindset, activity, and nutrition habits you can achieve your ultimate potential. And that's where the "UP" comes from. We found that men, and women, had a visceral reaction to ManUP™. Guys said it was a wake up call to do something about their health. It served as a reminder that men need to pick themselves up when down. It reminded us of one of our favorite Vince Lombardi quotes: “It’s not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up.” So ask yourself, are you ready to ManUP™?

I have a chronic condition (e.g. diabetes), is it safe for me to participate in ManUP™?
The food and activity plan for ManUP™ is healthy for everyone but we recommend that you consult with your doctor before starting ManUP™ if any of the following apply:

  •      You have heart disease.
  •      You are a centaur.
  •      You have asthma or lung disease.
  •      You have Photoshopped your head onto a Chippendale dancer’s body for use on a dating site.
  •      You have diabetes or kidney disease.
  •      You have arthritis.
You should also check with your doctor if you have symptoms suggestive of heart, lung or other serious disease such as:
  •      Pain or discomfort in your chest, neck, jaw or arms during physical activity
  •      Dizziness or fainting with exercise or exertion
  •      Shortness of breath with mild exertion, at rest, or when lying down or going to bed
  •      Ankle swelling, especially at night
  •      A rapid or pronounced heartbeat
  •      A heart murmur that your doctor has previously diagnosed
  •      Lower leg pain when you walk, which goes away with rest

Can my wife or partner follow the program alongside me?
Absolutely not! If we find out you’ve been giving away our secrets to a loved one, who you want to live a long and healthy life as well, we will send our team of attack lawyers to your house! Just kidding. Of course you can. Since ManUP™ is designed using everyday, great tasting foods, it’s fine to have your wife or partner eat ManUP™-approved foods alongside you, and it’s even helpful to move more together as you follow your activity playbook. resources. And if they want their own program just for them, send them to ManUP’s sister program, PowerUP Health.

Can I dine out while on ManUP™?
Absolutely. Think of your fuel playbook as your restaurant cheat sheet. It tells you exactly the fuels that you can eat. So all you have to do is ask for a ManUP™-approved lean protein, any non-starchy veggies that aren’t covered in oil, and depending on your phase of the program, a great tasting starchy carb. To make this even easier we recommend that you review the restaurant menu before going there so that you have a plan of attack in advance of getting to the restaurant.

Can women sign up too?
Ladies fret not. ManUP has a sister program. She’s called PowerUP Health. It’s a program built from the ground up just for the unique needs of women. You can find out more here:

Why do I need a Coach?
You might not, and that’s why we offer a DIY program- for guys that want to be told what to do and to have us get out of their way. If you’re one that likes the idea of being held accountable and having a partner in crime throughout the program, however, we’ll get you set up with the right coach for you.

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